It's March: Let the Fun Begin!!




If you're a big fan of college basketball, March is probably your favorite month of the year. With championship week right around the corner, followed up by Selection Sunday and then the tourney, it's an overdose of a great thing.


March also signifies the start of MLB spring training and a renewed level of focus for contenders in the NBA. Whatever your fancy in the wide world of American sports, this is a perfect time across the board.


However, in this article, we're all about college hoops and getting you ready for the madness. To do that, we're going to look at the current top 25 college basketball rankings and determine which teams have shown betting value. To see a teams value in the betting marketplace, we're going to calculate their season-long ROI. ROI will be determined by looking at the individual teams wins against the spread minus their losses against the spread with an additional 10 cents removed with each loss to account for vig. After that, we determine the total amount wagered on that particular team and voila, we've got their ROI.


ROI by team as of 3/1/2016:


1. Kansas +29.54%

2. Michigan State +29.54%

3. Villanova (1.01%)

4. Virginia (4.55%)

5. Xavier +18.50%

6. Oklahoma (11.89%)

7. Miami +24.83%

8. UNC (21.00%)

9. Oregon +10.14%

10. West VA +17.48%

11. Louisville (4.55%)

12. Indiana (1.25%)

13. Utah (1.01%)

14. Maryland (15.15%)

15. Purdue +3.41%

16. Iowa (0.73%)

17. Duke (4.55%)

18. Arizona (1.25%)

19. Baylor (21.90%)

20. Texas A&M (4.55%)

21. Iowa State (4.55%)

22. Kentucky (14.42%)

23. Texas (1.25%)

24. SMU (12.5%)

25. California +11.91%


It's probably a surprise to many casual fans to see negative double-digit ROIs for teams like Oklahoma and UNC. It shows that Vegas has been over-pricing these teams throughout the season and they haven't offered any value for their backers.


You also may be surprised to know that none of the teams above are in the top 5 for ROI in college basketball.


Do you think you can name a team that's in the top 5 ROI this college basketball season?


Good Luck!



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