Six Reasons Why Sports Betting Should be in Your Portfolio


While Las Vegas remains the entertainment capital of the world, there's another billion dollar industry catching fire in the desert. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the Strip lies the emerging world of sports wagering.


An industry that had distrustful beginnings is now continuing to show strong annual growth as it slowly gathers mainstream acceptance.


With that said, we wanted to share with you the top six reasons why you should consider sports as the next addition to your portfolio:


1. Low Correlation


While the principles of Vegas sports betting and Wall Street trading are interrelated, the returns from the two are not correlated. This allows a significant advantage to savvy investors who seek to include low risk, high reward ventures as part of their portfolios.


2. Increase Alpha


Professionally managed returns from sports can significantly aid your portfolio in achieving and/or maintaining Alpha.


3. Technological Improvements


Recent advancements in gaming technology are now allowing for modern day, lower cost digital solutions. These valuable time and cost savings mean significantly better margins for you.


4. Unique Design


Our patent-pending design creates both a modern and applicable solution to investing in gaming.


5. Ease and Edge


Avoiding the costs of frequent and recurring travel to Las Vegas is a significant win to your bottom line (and possibly your relationship too). Additionally, being able to "virtually profit" from the sports wagering market makes it an even bigger win.



Our sports are the greatest forms of entertainment in our society. As an investment, we say it's even better than wine. That's because you can thoroughly enjoy it now without having to wait.

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